Six week plan

WEEK 1 - In the first week we will work on familiarising you with exercises that will help you to become more body aware as well as understanding the need of good joint alignment. Exercises in this session will be the building blocks for you to advance to more challenging movements as we progress.

WEEK 2 - There will be several exercises we will repeat throughout the course, but this week we will focus on releasing tension in the shoulder and neck, as well as several exercises to mobilise the biggest joint in the body - the hip.

WEEK 3 - Working across all the start positions, we will continue to mobilise the spine, adding some exercise that can be incorporated in your day to day routine. Releasing any tension and improving mobility and stamina.

WEEK 4 - Another week of working on a big area of tension for many people the upper spine and shoulders. This week we will add some challenging stability exercises, working the obliques and spine.

WEEK 5 - Throughout the weeks we will have been building up to more and more challenging exercises. This week we’ll be really encouraging good alignment and the independent movement in the limbs, also incorporating lots of releasing exercises into the session.

WEEK 6 - This session will involve several of the highest level of exercises from the plan, so we will be using the exercises we have learnt throughout the course to accomplish these. From this class we will then be able to work on developing a good basis for the next six week session, when we will start incorporating small equipment into the exercises.

If you would like to book a class, please get in touch below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.