Pregnancy Pilates

The benefits of a Pilates Pregnancy Programme during your pregnancy are numerous.

As a qualified Pilates teacher, I'm able to help you to understand the many changes happening in your body related to your pregnancy. Together we can prepare you mentally and physically for labour and delivery. Also, help to build the your confidence in your ability to cope with the demands of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Sessions can help you to relax, stay calm and keep a positive frame of mind, promote improvement in posture, and reduce genral aches and pains.

We will also work to increase body awareness of how to move in order to correct body mechanics. Improve core stability, and prevent joint problems caused by ligament laxity - e.g. lower back pain, sacroiliac joint pain and pubic symphysis pain.

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Whilst baby grows, we will work to maintain abdominal function, and correct diastasis recti pathology. Which can help in your postnatal phase to bring the abdominal muscles back to your pre-pregnancy state.

As you get closer to your delivery date, the classes will focus on getting you fit and establish good breathing patterns for pain management of contractions during labour and delivery. 

Pregnancy Pilates at The Green Nunhead Saturday at 11am.