About me

I’ve always had a fairly good fitness level, having enjoyed sports at school, and followed many exercise ‘fads’ over the years.

After the birth of my first child I suffered from sciatica and this is when my problems with back pain first started. After years of physio to temporarily cure the problem, my back completely seized. Consultation with a back specialist and luckily avoiding the knife, a physio started me on a range of Pilates style exercises and encouraged me to find a Pilates teacher to help with the back pain.

When an opportunity arose for me to look for a new career direction, I knew I wanted to train as a Pilates teacher. After a detailed research of the courses in the market, I chose Body Control Pilates as their qualification not only concentrated on the exercises but on the theory behind the movement as well as a great network of experienced Pilates teacher offering teacher training.

After completing 13 days of tuition, over 70 hours of teacher training, several written essays, two theory exams, including one of the hardest anatomy exams I’d experienced since my O’levels and a practical assessment. I successful completed these elements culminated in my qualification - Body Control Pilates Matwork Certification REPs (Active IQ) Level 3 Pilates Certificate.

This qualification gives me the confidence to work closely with Medical professionals to improve clients overall well being.

Being part of a progressive organisation, I look forward to expanding my qualifications with BCP over time as well as working closely with other professionals to offer the most up to date classes to my clientele.


"One of my favourite things about living in Brockley is my Pilates class, with Joeli. The sessions are very friendly and have helped the issues with my back.  I always look forward to the class."

Alice Robertson

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"Joeli is a rare breed in the fitness world; a real woman and not a 20-something skinny gym bunny. But she has passion and enthusiasm by the bucket load. With lower back and neck problem Pilates is the only exercise I can do to keep me mobile and I attend her class twice a week. I can honestly say that together with my chiropractor, Joeli is responsible for a huge improvement in my overall well being. I'll fight you for a mat at her class!"

Sian Ellis-Thomas

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"Joeli’s Pilates classes are warm and friendly. Small classes so everyone can really benefit from the session as Joeli is very knowledgeable and professional keeping a close eye on each class member ensuring we all have correct posture and movement to our own ability. I would highly recommend Joeli’s classes, she is a fab teacher”

Nikki Ludwig

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"I really love your Pilates classes because I can do it and feel I benefit mentally and physically. I like the way you pay such attention to us individually. I feel stronger, more focused  and balanced. Now I am retired I look forward to doing some morning sessions. Thank you Joeli"

Sylvia October

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"I'd say: Joeli is a teacher I find inspiring as opposed to intimidating - she tailors the exercises to each student's ability and makes me feel comfortable in her class. I always leave invigorated and relaxed all at the same time. Worth every penny!"

Nicki Roame (62 year old woman, not sporty)

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If you would like to book a class, please get in touch below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.