High Intensity Power Pilates – at The Green Nunhead, Thursday 7.30pm

HIP Pilates® 50 (because 50 minutes is enough) is a non-stop class aimed at those who desire a more intense cardio workout without losing the essence of the Pilates principles.


New Term starts Thursday 6th Sept

Each session is specifically structured to provide an all over body workout. The progressive choreography is incorporated to improve balance and coordination. The inclusion of precise functional movement aims to improve overall strength and mobility. The use of weights promises to increase cardio endurance and recovery.

This combination of high energy, upbeat movement with the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates class creates a balanced and fun workout for everyone. 

Thursday 7.30pm Green Nunhead SE15  3QQ

Nearest station Nunhead, P12 and 78 Bus routes

Testimonial’s below:

I’m really enjoying it, despite the knackered hip and arm, and I can feel myself getting stronger every week. I’m a bit worried about falling behind because the hip stops me from being as bendy as I’d like, but I’m starting to look forward to my weekly 25 minutes of pure torture. Sarah.

The class is really good and I like the combo of cardio and Pilates. The stretching is good too & like others,  I haven’t suffered any after-effects! Christie.

I’m really enjoying the class and feel myself getting slightly better each week. As much as I find it tricky and physically demanding I really want it to get harder and harder each week. Gabby.

I’m really enjoying it despite my dodgy knees stopping me doing all the leg workouts. I like that you’re pushing us further each week and the warm down makes all the difference, I’ve had no problems the next day/s. I don’t have any negative points other than those Commando moves. Julia.

It’s great! I’m rubbish at the ones involving balancing but feel like there is an improvement, so am looking forward to benefitting from that. Martin.

Taster costs £13, (of which £10 is redeemable against your first booking) get in touch to book your place.

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