Day 3, 4 & 5 Big Juice Challenge

Day 3

Jason very cleverly hits you with a lovely sweet & smooth but crunchy juice to hit the middle of the week, as this is when people start to waver, as its likely that they've been experiencing strong sugar and caffeine withdrawal symptoms and possibly bad headaches. So we start the day with the.....
....Berry Banana Smoothie, with a ginger shot on the side.

This really hits the mark as its so thick you feel like your'e actually eating and you can make it really thick and eat it with a spoon!

Another busy day ahead so on with the prep for my two Pilate classes at the lovely Mind Body Therapy centre in Forest Hill.

Finally got round to preparing juices 2&3 another fairly sweet juice
Green Refresher, I've added lots of spinach otherwise it can be too sweet.

Struggled to finish this juice, but it was delicious.

Got back from teaching and caught up with the GBBO taking time to finish the last juice of the day. Then straight to bed, was shattered.

Verdict DAY 3
Two lovely juices, but struggled to finish them as very filling, no headache but was really tired.


Lovely early start today, no headache at all, though think the cats are worried about me as came down to two dead voles in the kitchen! After husband had cleared away the vermin, and I'd mopped the floor I was quite late to start juicing. Todays juices 1&4 was....IMG_0341
Natures Super Blend, and was delicious made with apples from my garden (as all my juices with apples have been this week).

After two fairly sweet juices yesterday the earthiness of this juice was really welcome, I have a fairly savoury tooth so I do sometimes struggle with Jason's juices. But this was a cracker and very filling with the avocado.

Had another busy day, and today must have reached the famous Juice High as I was like a woman processed loads of cleaning done and managed to bake a cake for the kids with some of those homemade apples.

Juice 2&3 is another fabulous juice and I guarantee you will never want shop bought orange juice once you've tasted it
Minty Sunshine, this was so refreshing and you can add as much or as little ginger/ mint to give it a kick.

Was teaching in Chiselhurst this evening, another lovely class, still loads of energy back home to cook Paella for the family, tidy the house and then finish the last juice of the day which I could only drink half, just was not hungry at all.

Verdict Day 4
Love both these juices, really balanced the week out. Felt amazing, loads of energy, definitely reached the Juice high, and slept really well.

It's the last day and I'm still feeling really positive and not felt like wavering at all, I've done this plan before on the Friday has always been the hardest day for me two lovely juices but haven't really liked them, so was a bit hesitant today.

Early start as I have another class in Chiselhurst to teach at, so made juice 1&4
Sweet Beet Smoothie

In the past this juice has been not one of my favs, but this week it was delicious, think I might have finally started liking beetroot. It helped that I had really sweet blackberries picked from my garden in the summer and frozen. It was lovely and I had to wait until after class to drink it....

Back home and Friday is my afternoon of paperwork catching up on bookings for the following week, and accounts.

Finally got around to making juice 2&3
Pear n Parsnip

Again really sweet so I think next time I will add more lime and less apples.

I really struggled to finish both juices and left more than half with the final two juices.

I think next time I may repeat another day or swap this juice to another.

Verdict Day 5

Not hungry at all, and Friday I finish work quite early so the temptation to keep going into the kitchen for a snack is high, but no cravings and felt really amazing. loads of energy though I was really tired at the end of the day.

Overall this is a good and easy to follow plan, even if I was working in an office and having to prepare the juices in advance as it's only two juices a day not to much hassle. I would definitely recommend this plan if you want to loose weight and kick start a healthy eating regime.

5 Stars from me....