Day 1 & 2 Big Juice challenge

Day 1

Monday's are always manic as I have two classes at the start and the end of the day. So up bright and early getting the 1&4 juice prepared, starting with my fav all time Jason Vale Juice - IMG_0312

Turbo with a kick.....I defy anyone NOT to love this juice.

After a fab class, at Saint Hilda's Church, with my lovely ladies felt really good. Still sipping my yummy juice, had lots of prep work to do for the evening class and as always tons of admin to catch up on. Before I knew it was 1.30pm and I was late to prepare Juice 2&3 for the day IMG_0317
Natural Energizer, Jason very cleverly gives you two really lovely tasting juices to start the week, packed full of lovely fruit and veg.

A great evening class at Saint Hilda's with another great bunch of clients, and was really ready for my last juice of the day as it was 1 1/2 hour late. When I arrived home my juice had mysteriously reduced by nearly half.....My husband was the guilty party this time, though it's normally my daughter. Just goes to show how tasty the juices are....

Verdict Day 1 - Mondays are a busy day, so no time to feel hungry. Went to bed with a slight headache but all in all felt good. Notched up about 6 peppermint teas throughout the day.


Tuesday's are supposed to be my day off though I normally end up online - tweeting posting and catching up on the admin. So normally a hard day for temptation as I'm close to the kitchen....

Also forgot to have the ginger shot yesterday, Jason calls this the Little shot with a massive impact. You can add a much/little of ginger to wake up the senses, and I love this little shot of energy.
Day2 1&4 Juice Veggie Power Smoothie, so much juice....

Again managed to miss the 1pm deadline for the 2&3 Juice, so quickly prepared the Ruby Tuesday Juice and look at the wonderful colour. I really used to hate the earthy flavour of beetroot, but it's so good for you a real super veg, and this juice with the pineapple is lovely.

Struggled to finish my evening juices, didn't start the 3rd one until nearly six and the last juice I only managed to drink half. No hunger pangs at all, even with baking vanilla cookies and Spaghetti Bolognese for the hubbie and kids.

I did have a KILLER of a headache which kept me awake until the early hours, withdrawal symptoms for sugar and caffeine....

Verdict Day 2 - Surprisingly easy day, struggled to finish the juices no hunger pangs at all but a very bad headache. Again several cups of peppermint today.

Day 3,4 & 5 to follow......