Class Etiquette

PILATES ETIQUETTE – Information on attending classes.

Please arrive on time:

It is important to be at class on time. Arriving late interrupts the flow of a class, and it means that your body won’t get the full benefit of the sequence the teacher is building. Being on time is a sign of respect for the instructor and other students.

Please call in advance if you can’t make the class:

Please call if you are going to miss your class. Even if something comes up at the last minute and you are embarrassed, or you forgot class and remembered too late to go, call. If you are signed up for a class, the spot is being held for you until the very last minute. For a full refund 24 Hours notice is required, if possible you may be able to come to a class within the week if there is availbale space.

If possible walk or cycle to class, as this warms up the muscles:

Some of us need more warm up than others, though everybody appreciates some warm up. If you have time before class, warm up is the best way to use it.

If you have any injuries or changes in your body, please let me know at the start of the class:

I always check with clients before a class, and ask how they are feeling and if there is anything special going on let me know. New bodily pains or strains are important to communicate, as are a significant changes like a surgery or pregnancy.

Don’t use class as chat time:

Before and after class are great times to chat with friends and share insights about Pilates (as long as you aren’t disturbing others). During class, it is a good idea to review whether or not what you want to say is timely and relevant. If you tend to blurt out whatever pops in your head, try to take a look at why. Sometimes talking is a way of escaping the moment.

This might be a good time to mention phones. Do turn them off.


Don’t do exercises that hurt your body:

You are responsible for your body. If we’re doing an exercise and something that really doesn’t feel right for you (which is different than “requires exertion”), it is alright not to do it. Ask the instructor for a modification. I will always give options and if something feels like it’s ‘pinching’ rather than ‘releasing’ tell me and we can change the move to suit you.

Do wear appropriate workout clothing:

There is nothing special about workout clothing for Pilates. You just need something that lets you move, isn’t too tight or too baggy, and lets me see the line of your body. Shoes are not worn for Pilates workouts, but you can wear specialized footwear, like pilates socks, as a light barrier or to enhance their grip on the equipment – though I do recommend you wear socks. Be aware that some of the movements can be quite revealing so short tops or shorts can mean you are exposing more than you feel comfortable with.

Do find out how you should leave the Pilates equipment:

This is a basic put away your toys note (you asked first anyway, right). If you move a piece of equipment or take a something small like a magic circle from its place, put it back. I may ask you to leave the equipment and mats out if there is a class following, otherwise it’s appreciated if you help to put everything away.

Do enjoy the class, any further questions please email or text me.
All new clients please complete the enrolment form below and bring along to the your first class please.


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