Men can do Pilates too….

“I had been suffering for 7 months from severe lower back pain caused by a slipped disc when I started Joeli’s classes. After only a month of attending one class a week, starting as a complete beginner, the pain had become much more manageable, and I am able to play sport again. I have much more control of my body now and am starting to see and feel the benefits in everyday life as well as competitive sport. I’d recommend Joeli’s Pilates to anyone looking to improve their sporting performance, as well as just reduce those everyday niggles”.

Tim Warrington

After the BJC – weekend eating

Waking up on Saturday 9lbs lighter just felt amazing and I could feel myself motivated and energised to continue the weight loss journey.

I had a busy morning ahead, teaching at Mind Body Therapy, so I quickly made the Banana Berry Crunch and went off to class.

Weekends can be the downfall of healthy eating plans, but luckily the hubbie and kids were all busy so I was home alone and could indulge in a some light reading….

I recommend if you purchase any of Jason’s book to read the front chapters, by all means have a look at the diet, but before you start read the book. He explains the science and dispels myths and fears surrounding a juice campaign, as well giving examples of success stories. This will help to motivate you and keep you on track. If you’ve purchased the app, watch the coaching videos, these can be the difference in succeeding.

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Big Juice Challenge – the results are in…..

The Results….

Weighed myself after the 5lbs in 5 day Big Juice Challenge, and lost 9lbs really exceeded my expectations. Feel good less bloated and skin looks amazing.

Just got the latest Jason Vale book 5:2, to read up on which I will start after one more week of the 5 day plan.


Keep looking for my posts, as I’m going to start a regular blog on simple Pilates exercises you can build into your daily life….

Croftfest 2015

Today I will be supporting Croftfest at Saint Hilda’s Church SE23 1PL from 11.30am.

Come along to meet me and find out about Body Control Pilates Classes in the SE23 & SE4 area. Special offers and discounts for all bookings made today

.Croftfest Sep 15