Body Control Pilates

The Body Control Pilates group is firmly established as a world leader in Pilates training, offering training programme in 14 countries, ranging from Canada to Japan and Denmark to South Africa.

The method has evolved from the work of Joseph Pilates and, in fact, still have very close links with two US teachers who worked with Joe and Clara Pilates. BCP have created a series of more than 100 matwork exercises – many unique to our approach – that teach the movement skills needed to gain maximum benefit from Pilates. They take the client step-by-step to the advanced ‘classical’ exercises created by Joseph Pilates more than eighty years ago.

Body Control Pilates was founded in London in 1995 and their matwork teacher training courses commenced in 1996, shortly before the publication of the ground-breaking book “Body Control The Pilates Way”. Since that time, they have been at the forefront of many important innovations and developments within the international Pilates community.

BCP matwork course was the world’s first curriculum-based course for prospective Pilates teachers. Since that time, thousands of students have chosen Body Control Pilates as their training provider, many of them having enrolled for the increasing number of courses held in conjunction with our training partners outside the UK. The Course Director for the Body Control Pilates matwork course is Lynne Robinson, recognised as one of the world’s foremost Pilates authorities.

In February 2006, BCP became the first specialist Pilates training provider to have our course approved against the national standard for Pilates that was introduced in the UK in August 2005 ('Level 3'), thereby ensuring a wide recognition for the Body Control Pilates qualification.

As a Body Control Pilates teacher, I am a member of the Body Control Pilates Association, a ‘not for profit’ organisation that exists to safeguard the quality and standards of Body Control Pilates teaching, as well as to provide a unique support network worldwide. Gaining access to the most comprehensive range of certification courses and professional development workshops available from any Pilates organisation in the world.


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