After the BJC – weekend eating

Waking up on Saturday 9lbs lighter just felt amazing and I could feel myself motivated and energised to continue the weight loss journey.

I had a busy morning ahead, teaching at Mind Body Therapy, so I quickly made the Banana Berry Crunch and went off to class.

Weekends can be the downfall of healthy eating plans, but luckily the hubbie and kids were all busy so I was home alone and could indulge in a some light reading....

I recommend if you purchase any of Jason's book to read the front chapters, by all means have a look at the diet, but before you start read the book. He explains the science and dispels myths and fears surrounding a juice campaign, as well giving examples of success stories. This will help to motivate you and keep you on track. If you've purchased the app, watch the coaching videos, these can be the differnce in succeeding.

Looking at what I had in the fridge I made the Sweet Potato & Chilli soup, I already have the soup & Juice app and Juice yourself Slim book where you'll find this recipe.
Soup & JuiceJuice yourself slim

This is a fairly thick soup, the coconut milk adds depth and the chilli's flavour, so a great choice for a weekend.

Another busy day of catching up on paperwork and social media, but managed to squeeze in a walk to the shops (keep it local) to pick up a few ingredients for tonights dinner.  

Decided to use up some lovely mushrooms delivered from Riverford in my veg box, this recipe is aptly named Marvellous magic Mushroom soup, from the Slim for life book (it's not on the app). It's a wonderful soup tasty and filling, I make it without the creme freche. Made a lovely side salad by opening a bag of ready washed leaves added cucumber and shavings of parmesan. Absolutely delicious and filling dinner, clean, organic and totally healthy - my husband loved it. Luckily the kids had already eaten as I can't imagine them enjoying the dinner as much as we did.

Sunday dawned and after a very good nights sleep, I woke up knowing that the family would want a brunch style  breakfast. Another tricky day for , so I quickly made myself a Berry Banana Crunch, whilst hubbie whipped up some pancakes for the kids.

Kept myself busy with various household chores, and decided to try out some of the recipes in the 5:2 book, as I had a butternut squash in my veg box this week whipped up the War ginger infused butternut squash Salad. This was delicious lots of lovely flavour and heat with the ginger, and the crunch of the toasted pine nuts, loved this.

Went for a couple of walks, wanted to look at bike accessories in Halford's then off to the local shops to pick up some halloumi for the Grilled halloumi Stack. Another lovely recipe so far this book is coming up trumps.

So the weekend went OK, avoided the pit falls that can take you off track. My advice is be prepared, keep yourself busy, try going for walks and switch of the TV.

I'm doing the 5 day juice plan again this week, as I feel really motivated to get the weight off and I'll be trying to get to the gym too. Keep a watch out for more blogging, happy juicing.....