5lbs in 5 days – Juicing with Jason, my journey on the Big Juice Challenge

This week I've decided to join thousands around the world in the Jason Vale Big Juice Challenge. http://www.jasonvalesbigjuicechallenge.com/

I'm not new to the juicing phenomenon back in 2013, I was seriously overweight and unfit. I embarked on a Juice programme on 7th January 2013, and by April that year had lost 41lbs, dropped three dress sizes and looked and felt amazing.


  • The book....
  • Immortalised in print, my journey in 2013 published in the 5lbs in 5 days book by Jason Vale
  • Me in late 2012, over 3 Stone overweight
  • June 2013 three stone lighter, skins glowing...

In total I lost 50lbs and managed to keep this off for over a year, however life has a tendency to get in the way and in 2014 I was made redundant. This changed my life and whilst retraining to become a Pilates teacher has massively helped with my fitness and flexibility my weight has been creeping up and up.

You would think with all the running around teaching and setting up the new business that the weight would have fallen off. However with such a great change in my lifestyle, the fear of the unknown and financial worries have had me reaching for the wrong types of food on too many occasions. The change to my working hours, has also had a negative effect on my eating patterns, having to eat at 4pm in the afternoon to fuel myself to teach two classes in the evening has been hard, and reaching for high sugar high fat foods as been my downfall.

So here I am loving teaching Pilates, fitter and healthier than I've been in years but overweight, I've 28lbs I want to loose, and I hope to share my ups with you - not thinking about any downs as they're not going to happen...